Ad Preference

Ad Preferences

About Fadewblogs Ads

Let's talk about ads, together. Learn more about how data is used to show you ads without advertisers learning who you are, the controls you have to help determine what ads you get, why you are seeing a particular ad and more FAQs below

Understand what data is used to show you ads

We want you to know how data is used to show you ads without advertisers knowing who you are. Protecting people's privacy is central to how we've designed our ad system.
Your location

We use location data to show you ads from advertisers trying to reach people in or near a specific place. We get this information from sources such as:

Where you connect to the internet
Where you use your phone
Your location from your Dekstop and Browser

Your activity across Fadewblogs and Enside Digital Limited's Products

Ads are shown to you based on your activity across Enside Digital Limited companies and products - such as:

Pages you and contents you visit
Information from your social account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter { Only When You Log into Our site's through these}
Places you check in using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Your activity with other businesses

When you share information like your phone number or email address with a business, they might add it to a customer list that can be matched to your Fadewblogs profile. We can then try to match the ad to the most relevant audience. You may have shared your information with these businesses by:

Signing up for an email newsletter
Making purchases at retail stores
Signing up for a coupon or discount

Your activity on other websites and apps

Websites you visit or apps you use can send Fadewblogs data directly by using our business tools (such as Enside Digital Business Tools) to help us show you ads based on products or services you've looked at, such as a shirt on a clothing retailer's website. Examples of this include:

Viewing one of their web pages
Downloading their mobile app
Adding a product to a shopping cart or making a purchase

You have a say in the ads you see
Learn more about what controls you have to help determine the ads you see
  • From an ad directly, you can hide the ad, hide all ads from the advertiser, or let us know about a problem with the ad. Or, you can choose 'Why am I seeing this?' to get more context on why you might be seeing it.
Why you see a particular ad
Our ad system prioritizes what ad to show you based on what advertisers tell us their desired audience is, and we then match it to people who might be interested in that ad. This means we can show you relevant and useful ads without advertisers learning who you are. We don't sell any individual data that could identify you, like your name.
Get an inside look at how we show you ads
Protecting people's privacy is central to how we've designed our ad system. Let's take a look at how you see ads.
The advertiser chooses a business goal
Advertisers choose a goal, such as selling a product or increasing awareness of their brand name.
Advertiser identifies the desired audience

Advertisers tell us their desired audience based on who they think will be the most interested.

Advertiser creates ad
The advertiser creates ads to show on Fadewblogs and other Enside Digital Limited's websites and mobile apps and then uploads them using our ad management tools.
Fadewblogs then shows you the ad

We take the advertiser's goal, desired audience and ad to show you ads that we think might be relevant to you, without advertisers knowing who you are - or selling your data to the advertiser.


Does Fadewblogs sell my data?

No, Fadewblogs does not sell data to advertisers. This includes personal information like your name or the content of your activities on our websites.
Does Fadewblogs listen to my conversations?
No, Fadewblogs doesn't have access to the microphone unless you grant permission such as when you record a video to post on FadewPlay feed.
Why do I see ads from Fadewblogs on other apps and websites?

In addition to Enside Digital Limited apps and services like FadewPlay, you could see ads served by Fadewblogs on other websites, apps, and connected TVs if they use our advertising products. The Fadewblogs Audience Network is a collection of publishers who support their businesses by displaying ads.

Fadewblogs Obeys With AdSense Policies and Restrictions

We also may show ads on our websites and apps served by AdSense. We Obey the followings:

  • Publishers should not place AdSense code on pages with content that violates the Google Publisher Policies.
  • Publishers may place AdSense code on pages with content in the scope of the Google Publisher Restrictions, though this content will likely receive less advertising than other, non-restricted content.

Promote Your Own Business or Product on Fadewblogs 

Fadewblogs also promote personal business or products or services with the agreement of proper ad serving terms and laws. We do not violate any ad serving policy or law which may lead under contumacy.

If you want to promote your business, product, or service, you can apply here: Apply For Businesses Partnership